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SEO Guide: SEO Guide: My 25 Link Building Strategies for 2024

Backlinks are vital to rank in Google. These need to be built using an intelligent SEO Strategy.

For our clients, we employ the methods detailed below to acquire backlinks naturally on a keyword-targeted basis. This is a 25-stage offsite SEO program that we usually deliver in 6-12 months to fulfil natural link building patterns and fit our clients’ budgets. Best SEO in Milton Keynes contact us today!

Our Local SEO Guide from Milton Keynes Marketing Ltd

Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss a bespoke SEO Program tailored uniquely for your business.

We rarely buy links; these SEO Solutions involve acquiring links naturally.

  • Articles

Well-written articles with compelling keyword-targeted content can be used on your website to attract backlinks and placed on credible 3rd party websites that link to yours.

  • Blog Comments

Blog Comments are difficult to acquire; however, they can be placed on keyword-targeted blogs linking to your site. Dated blog comments work exceptionally well.

  • Blogger Outreach

Our Blogger Outreach services automatically reach out to bloggers on a keyword basis with a view to them placing backlinks on their site for you.

  • Business Directory Citations

There are hundreds of quality business directories that let you create free business profiles that link to your site.

  • Content Syndication

We provide a service whereby we distribute our clients’ most exciting content to over 100 media and news outlets to attract traffic and backlinks for SEO.

  • Forum Backlinks

Finding forums where your target audience frequently and then building fresh content and targeted backlinks to your websites from these on a keyword-targeted basis is highly effective. As with Blog Comments, older Forum Comments are valuable.

  • Geo-Targeted Backlinks

Always acquire links relevant to your website/business location. Building backlinks from foreign markets in foreign languages can be destructive for your site.

  • Google My Business (Maps)

This is a useful tool to link to your website and ensure that you own it. Your company profile needs to be kept up to date with your company services, opening times, and contact details. Positive customer reviews are encouraged. Strong Google My Business profiles command much search engine space in 2023.

  • Guest Posting

Guest Posting on websites with a powerful Domain Authority, with relevant content, works well – when you place fresh, well-written keyword-targeted informative articles onto them.

  • HARO Journalism

Help A Report Out backlinks require much work to proactively find and pitch the most relevant reports. The quality and value of backlinks you acquire are often fantastic value from HARO, although it often takes a lot of work to get them.

  • Image Submissions

There are tons of websites where you can place images with semantic metadata alongside them and link these to your site. This helps you get more organic traffic from Google Image Searches and push your own site up Google at the same time.

  • Industry Affiliates

In some industry sectors, Affiliates dominate the organic search engine rankings, primarily Price Comparison and Review sites. It is worth approaching those website owners carefully to acquire both backlinks and traffic from their site for your brand.

  • Industry News Sites

Popular news sources about your industry offer highly targeted websites to make powerful backlinks to yours.

  • Influencer Marketing

Hand-picked social media influencors in your niche can provide powerful backlinks that deliver traffic and valuable social signals for SEO.

  • Infographics

Infographics represent an amazingly cost-effective way of acquiring links and traffic. These can also be used for distribution across social media, Web 2.0 and news sites easily. Furthermore infographics can easily become the main talking point of a video which is quick and easy to make and then distribute for more high value links from popular video sites like YouTube.

  • Presentation Distribution

If you have any company presentations these can easily be distributed on popular sites like Slideshare where people share business focussed content. PDF’s and PPT’s can also be easily converted into videos and distributed online. Presentations for SEO must of course be keyword rich for best-practice. This form of SEO helps attract traffic and leads on top of SEO value from backlinks.

  • Press Releases

If you have some compelling news about your company achievements, products or services – this is a great lever to get your brand in the press. A well-written press release can often attract huge amounts of press along with backlinks to your website very quickly and cost-effectively.

  • QA Sites

Popular Q&A sites like Quora attract a lot of traffic and have powerful authority with Google hence are great resources for quality backlinks acquired naturally. We advise that most clients have their own Q&A content on site; marketing communications content that answers your clients most popular questions which are often searched online. This onsite content matches up perfectly with Q&A sites from a backlinking perspective.

  • Social Media Bookmarking

Big social media sites have amazing SEO Domain Authority and you can roll out targeted content onto these platforms to acquire high quality backlinks as well as powerful social signals for SEO. By placing quality content on popular relevant social media sites you can also cost-effectively build Followers, Likes and attract sales online via your social media profiles – on to of the SEO value of attracting social bookmark links for your site.

  • Social Media Profiles

Most companeis should have visible social media profiles on the likes of Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Keyword-targeted social media profiles can also be generated for high quality natural link building.

  • Social Media Group Posting

Most brands have relevant Social Media Groups that are well worth engaging with. You can post informative content to get backlinks, leads and powerful social signals for SEO. Nobody likes a sales person in such social media groups, however everyone loves free value especially media rich content like infographics and videos. Everyone loves reading informative content that contains value, like this article you are reading now.

  • Tier 2 and 3 Links

If you have some really high quality, high value backlinks – one of our most powerful strategies is to boost the value of those links. Its all very well building backlinks on high authority domains, however often when you build fresh content on their sites the actual Page Authority on your new page/link is so low you wonder if its worth your time sometimes. By building powerful Tier 2 and Tier 3 links to potent existing SEO backlinks you have already – you can massively increase your Domain Authority through boosting existing backlinks. Prime examples here are Corporate Social Media Profiles and YouTube Videos – whose links can be boosted in value through building backlinks to those web page which already link directly to yours. This is classic ABC linking which has always worked well for SEOs since Google launched.

  • Video Submissions

If your company has corporate explainer, sales and marketing videos – its quick and cost-effective to distribute those on the major video sites with powerful SEO value. You can put backlinks into each videos keyword-targeted descriptions for some great SEO value and futureproof white-hat backlinks.

  • Web 2.0 Sites

Web 2.0 sites are still useful for SEO when produced on high quality domains. Popular AI tools like Chat GPT have made the production of these backlinks a lot more powerful and even more cost-effcective. We pick our web 2.0 sites carefully as there’s lots of spammy links in this niche.

  • Widgets

We create useful tools and applications for users which are often free or offered on a free trial basis. Tools that customers find useful are best. Like free quote / free valuation tools work well. Any simple tool thats free to use and gives users value e.g. a free currency exchange tool, a free instant no registration quote tool – these are perfect for creative on websites and then distributing the content/widget free in exchange for backlinks.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article from my full-service SEO Agency, Ad Partnership Ltd.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key benefits of incorporating backlinks in an SEO strategy?

Gaining citations within an SEO strategy offers various substantial rewards, such as amplified website expertise, better search engine positions, heightened organic visitors, and, more importantly, internet visibility.

How does acquiring backlinks naturally contribute to improving search engine rankings?

Obtaining backlinks organically contributes to bettering hunt locomotive positions by signalling to seek engines that your site is respectable and trusted. This can guide to higher positions in search consequences web pages.

Can you explain the significance of keyword-targeted backlinks in SEO practices?

Keyword-targeted backlinks are meaningful in SEO practices as they assist in boosting a website’s applicability to precise search questions. By winning backlinks with related anchor text containing focus keywords, you can improve your site’s ranking opportunities favourably for those keywords.

What are the advantages of a 25-stage offsite SEO program for link building?

A multifaceted 25-stage offsite SEO plan for connection construction gives assorted benefits, such as diversifying your connection profile, increasing domain expertness, boosting organic traffic flows, and fortifying the overall SEO basis of your website.

How do natural link-building patterns affect website visibility and credibility?

Natural connection-building patterns positively sway website visibility and believability by showing to hunt engines that other sites find your substance valuable enough to connect to it spontaneously. This can result in higher trustworthiness and better positions.

Could you elaborate on how budget considerations influence the timeline for implementing link-building strategies?

Funding viewpoints are crucial in choosing the timeline for executing link-building strategies. A larger budget may permit more instruments to be allocated to acquiring high-quality backlinks quickly, while a smaller budget may require a longer period to gradually build up links.

How does a comprehensive SEO guide enhance a website’s online presence and performance?

A comprehensive SEO manual enhances a website’s online presence and execution by offering valuable insights into best practices for on-page and off-page optimisation techniques, keyword research strategies, content creation tips, and more. Following a practical SEO manual tailored to your specific needs can improve your site’s visibility and attract more targeted traffic flows.

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