Business Of The Year 24/25 – Service Excellence Winners

Milton Keynes Marketing, whose head office is based in Milton Keynes, was delighted to win in the Service Excellence category in The Business Of The Year awards 2024/35 today.

Up against thousands of businesses in London and The South East Of England, this local digital marketing agency did a great job of taking the prize home for their hometown of MK!

The judges were impressed with their AI marketing and automation business model, in which their staff average 100-200 hours of work each day Monday through Friday, relying on a set of AI tools to do the work of a team of ~20 people each day.

Business Of The Year

Christian Strutt, Managing Director of Milton Keynes Marketing Ltd. commented:

“After seeing the big AI conference in Bletchley Park late last year, we were really incentivised to become market leaders in our field of digital marketing, using AI. We now use a host of enlightening AI tools to deliver website design agency solutions, content, brochures, videos, adverts, images, and other interesting digital marketing tools to do our work. Consequently, our productivity and company growth have both gone roughly 20X in the last 6 months. I would highly recommend to any local businesses in Milton Keynes that you check out what AI can do for you, as it might just revolutionise your career and business overnight.”

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