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11 Ways To Improve ROI on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn advertising results can be highly volatile, as with most of the other major ad platforms I use, like Google and Microsoft. This is because the site is ultra-competitive; hence, if you do not employ several targeted methods overlaid together, it’s straightforward to waste a load of money quickly. I regularly speak with clients who have wasted money on their LinkedIn advertising, mainly because they have not employed all of these targeted strategies below. If you would like to run a LinkedIn Advertising campaign, please get in touch with me directly here.

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  • Account Lists

It makes sense to draw up a list of the Accounts your sales team wants to engage with. These accounts are usually best targeted by Location, Size, and Industry Type. Most companies focus on specific industry sectors and a certain size, which should be reflected in your ad strategy. Once this list is established, you can only serve ads to those accounts if you want.

  • Ad Type

You can use standard banner ads along with videos on LinkedIn. An explainer video often converts well for companies that have provided complicated bespoke solutions. For companies with generic off-the-shelf services with hundreds of competitors, generic banner ads with a substantial promotion/hook also work well. LinkedIn is so competitive that your hook must be strong—”Free Consultations” works well, as do Promotional Discounts/Sign-up Offers, e.g., 50% off this month only / £100 free voucher / 14-day free trial.

  • Company Size

It always makes sense to target companies based on how many staff they have. In the 1-10 staff section, you will encounter many 1-man bands. Once you get above 200 staff, you must target your decision-makers carefully to find the person you want to engage. Otherwise, advertising can be wasteful, i.e. there’s no point advertising to all 1,000 staff in a big company when only 1-3 people are involved with buying your services/solutions.

  • Contact Lists

As with the Account Lists, you can search for decision-makers individually. You can then build prospect lists with a sales messaging funnel to convert these prospects into leads and new business. We program sales outreach funnels for our clients and use complimentary software that automates outreach, saving our clients hundreds of man hours for £15/month. You need Sales Navigator for this.

  • Demographics

Here, you can better target prospect lists with useful targeting features such as Seniority, Function and how long they have been working at their company. You can also use keyword-targeted searches here to find people posting content in your niche.

  • Education

You would be surprised how well contacting old alumni works on LinkedIn. It’s often worth a test campaign targeting prospects who went to the same school or university as you, as this is a common ground everyone loves to talk about at work. For those targeting senior and high-net-worth individuals, adding a University filter to your ads will improve quality.

  • Groups

As with any social media platform, there are always targeted groups where your clients and target prospects are frequent. You can also post informative content here and ads for free. You will find most sales-type ads fall flat on their face. But if you post informative, helpful content with value – you will get exposure, branding and occasional leads. When advertising on LinkedIn, targeting the big groups in your niche makes sense. You can also message most group members, which is really potent.

  • Industry Type

It’s essential to segment your advertising campaign on LinkedIn by industry. Every business I have marketed in the last 25 years has some industry-vertical preferences. If you make your ads industry-targeted and have industry-targeted landing pages, this will convert best by a country mile for optimal ROI.

  • Job Function

You can target your LinkedIn activity by Job Function, e.g., Sales, Marketing, or finance. The filter is not 100% clean, though, and you usually need to clean these searches. It totally makes sense to add this filter, though, as just about every business targets a certain department in their sales prospecting.

  • Job Title

This filter is a lot cleaner than Job Function and creates laser-targeted ads. Popular job titles like CEO and Managing Director work perfectly for some. With others, you may have to research to find all the Job Titles you want, e.g. Marketing Director / Head Of Marketing / Chief Marketing Officer, etc.

  • Re-Targeting

We advise re-targeting visitors to your website, visitors to your company page, and visitors who click on your ads. We back that up by re-targeting your high-value LinkedIn traffic on other platforms like Facebook.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can businesses improve visibility on LinkedIn in different locations?

Businesses that improve their local visibility on LinkedIn through location-specific content, relevant hashtags, and targeted ads for each place see greater engagement from regional communities.

What are the key strategies to enhance visibility on LinkedIn in Milton Keynes and other areas?

Critical tactics for enhancing visibility in Milton Keynes and elsewhere involve optimising profiles with local keywords, sharing updates about local occasions or news, teaming with influencers or enterprises, and participating in pertinent discussions.

How does the competitiveness of LinkedIn affect advertising results?

LinkedIn’s competitiveness can impact advertising by influencing the cost per click or impression rates. Higher competition may lead to increased ad costs but also signals a possibly more involved audience.

What are the benefits of using targeted methods in LinkedIn advertising?

Using targeted strategies in LinkedIn ads provides advantages like achieving a precise audience based on traits, interests, job titles, etc., increasing the relevance of promotions to users, and bettering conversion rates and return on investment.

How can a LinkedIn agency in Milton Keynes help with marketing strategies?

A LinkedIn agency in Milton Keynes can assist businesses with marketing plans by providing knowledge in crafting compelling material, governing ad campaigns that productively target the local crowd, and examining data to optimise output.

What are some effective ways to avoid wasting money on LinkedIn advertising?

Effective ways to avoid wasting money on LinkedIn promotions involve establishing clear aims for campaigns, observing performance measures regularly, adjusting targeting standards based on consequences, and testing diverse ad formats and creative works before expanding expenditures.

How important is it to tailor advertising approaches for specific locations on LinkedIn?

Customising advertising approaches for unique places on LinkedIn is significant as it permits businesses to connect with crowds more intimately. This can be done by considering regional preferences, cultural divergences, buying behaviours, and language nuances, which can notably impact campaign success.

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